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Best Budget Gaming Keyboard In Stock

Uncover a world of immersive gaming with Sleekbuys’ budget-friendly gaming keyboards.

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HP K500F Wired USB Gaming Keyboard (Grey)

The HP K500F Wired USB Gaming Keyboard (Grey) is a high-performance gaming keyboard that will make your gaming experience better. With its sleek grey appearance, this keyboard not only looks well but also performs well. It has a strong build that can handle prolonged gaming sessions. The HP K500F’s USB interface offers a dependable and steady connection to your gaming device. The keys are extremely responsive, allowing for precise and accurate keystrokes for enhanced gaming. The keyboard also has anti-ghosting technology, which allows you to perform numerous instructions at the same time without having to worry about key conflicts.

Furthermore, the HP K500F includes programmable RGB backlighting, letting you can tailor the lighting effects to your tastes. This enhances the immersion and attractiveness of your gaming setup. The keyboard layout is ergonomic, featuring a comfy wrist rest to relieve strain during extended gaming sessions. Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned enthusiast, the HP K500F Wired USB Gaming Keyboard (Grey) provides a dependable and fashionable solution for enhancing your gaming experience. Its durability, responsive keys, and configurable RGB illumination make it an appealing option for gamers wanting to further up their game. At Sleekbuys save 10% and get the best budget gaming keyboard at only 1,149/-Rs.

The DELL KM117 Wireless Laptop Keyboard (Black)

The DELL KM117 Wireless Laptop Keyboard (Black) is a versatile and convenient keyboard designed for seamless typing and navigation. With its sleek black design, it complements any laptop or desktop setup. This wireless keyboard offers freedom of movement without the hassle of tangled wires. It connects effortlessly to your laptop or desktop computer via a reliable wireless connection, ensuring a stable and responsive typing experience. Featuring a full-size layout with chiclet-style keys, the DELL KM117 keyboard provides comfortable and accurate typing, allowing you to work or type for extended periods without discomfort. The keys have a responsive feel, enabling smooth and precise keystrokes.

The keyboard also includes a built-in numeric keypad, making it convenient for data entry or calculations. It provides easy access to commonly used multimedia and function keys, allowing you to control your laptop or desktop with ease. With its compact and lightweight design, the DELL KM117 is highly portable, making it ideal for on-the-go professionals or those who prefer a clutter-free workspace. The keyboard operates on replaceable batteries, ensuring long-lasting performance. Overall, the DELL KM117 Wireless Laptop Keyboard (Black) offers a reliable and ergonomic solution for comfortable typing and efficient navigation. Its wireless connectivity, full-size layout, and convenient features make it an excellent choice for both work and leisure purposes. At Sleekbuys save 10% and get the best budget gaming keyboard at only 1,280/-Rs.


Purchasing a low-cost best budget gaming keyboard does not imply sacrificing quality or usefulness. The gaming keyboards described above, which are available at Sleekbuys, provide great performance, durability, and features without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a serious fanatic, these keyboards will enhance your gaming experience with snappy controls, configurable backlighting, and gaming-specific features. Don’t allow a tight budget to hold you back—investigate these finest budget gaming keyboards to improve your gaming skills without breaking the bank.