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Sony SRS-XV900 Review: Unleashing Sonic Brilliance for the Ultimate Party Experience

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The Sony SRS-XV900 is extremely similar to the other party speakers in its X-Series lineups, but the special part about this speaker regarding the design is that it is huge. It has a height of nearly 3 feet and has the portability feature with two wheels at the bottom and one handle at the top, so you can drag the speaker where ever your part destination is. At the bottom of the speaker, the wheels are combined with lights which give them floating effects and it looks very cool. The lights can be customized using Sony’s app. The speaker has a touch display on the top with different controls such as Volume, Play, Pause, Mega Bass, and many more options.

Audio performance

The Sony SRS-XV900 sound quality is terrific; it has 6 tweeters at the front, back, and sides which provide an omnidirectional sound, and a large X-Balanced Speaker unit at the center. The mid-range drivers give crystal clear vocals so it is also best for movie nights. Coming onto the overall Audio quality the Sony SRS-XV900 gives you a pleasant experience with amazing bass and well-balanced sound.

It supports all popular codecs, even Sony’s LDAC codec. The Sony SRS-XV900 has two sound modes one is Live Sound and another one is Mega Bass which can be managed through Sony’s app. It also supports karaoke double tracking and it has a headphone jack and an optical port at the back along with karaoke controls.

Battery Life

The Sony SRS-XV900 battery has great longevity it can sustain up to 25 hours that’s what Sony claims and with this longevity, it will probably last longer than your party. The charging time is decent to just 10 minutes charging you can enjoy up to 3 hours.


It’s a fact with good features it becomes pricy, which is true in Sony SRS-XV900 as it has a lot of good features that it gives tough competition to its competitors. The speaker is one of the most extravagant Bluetooth speakers on the market, but its otherworldly omnidirectional audio, pounding bass, and exceptional battery life set it apart. The Sony SRS-XV900 is one of the best speakers available if you frequently throw parties or need a powerful, portable music system.

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