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Tesla’s Clever Loophole In Stock

Uncover the strategic approach that has allowed Tesla to expand its reach.

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Tesla, known for its preference for direct consumer sales through its website and showrooms, has ingeniously sidestepped state laws that restrict such sales. The company has found an innovative solution by utilizing showrooms located on casino properties, situated on tribal lands. This legal loophole enables Tesla to operate within these regulations and initiate direct-to-consumer sales, even in states with restrictions.

In Connecticut, for instance, Tesla is set to launch its direct sales approach through a partnership with the Mohegan Sun casino. The unique Tesla Sales & Delivery Center, slated to open in The Shops at Mohegan Sun this fall, will offer locals and visitors the opportunity to purchase models like Model Y, Model 3, and Model S.

Tesla had previously employed a similar strategy in New Mexico and New York, collaborating with tribes to establish dealerships and navigate around the constraints of direct sales laws. Unlike previous attempts to establish gallery locations in Connecticut, which faced scrutiny, the tribal land approach seems to provide a more solid legal footing. This development holds the promise of enabling Connecticut residents to buy Tesla vehicles directly without having to cross state lines.

Although Tesla’s legal challenges against state bans on direct-to-consumer car sales have seen limited success in court, the company’s use of tribal land showrooms offers a promising workaround. A lawsuit Tesla filed against the Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association and the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission was dismissed, as the judge deemed the law to apply fairly to all car companies, including Tesla.