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24GB RAM in Android Flagships In Stock

Dive into the realm of Android smartphones for 24GB RAM in the newest flagships.

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Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro RAM upgrade remains uncertain at 6GB or 8GB. In contrast, Android manufacturers are pushing past 16GB to 24GB, with upcoming Chinese phones rivaling a MacBook Air’s memory. The need for such RAM begs the question: Why is this much RAM necessary for smartphones?

24GB RAM Android phones are here

Ice Universe leaked that the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro indicates a shift towards 24GB becoming the standard for Chinese Android flagships. This device, among the first, will include a 24GB LPDDR5X package.

The leaker also revealed a Xiaomi teaser for the Redmi K60 Ultra, set to feature 24GB RAM and 1TB storage. The Ultra, a flagship with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, is priced under $500 for the 24GB variant in China. Availability in international markets remains uncertain.

What 24GB of memory can do

Android vendors are boosting RAM for an enhanced mobile experience, retaining numerous apps in memory for days. Recently, Gadgets360 reported on the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro teaser, where the Chinese vendor shared plans to utilize 24GB of SK Hynix RAM, supporting up to 54 active apps. Alternatively, up to 41 apps could run in the background for 72 hours. While impressive, questions arise about necessity, battery life impact, and the efficiency of LPDDR5X. Android vendors might increase RAM as a marketing strategy, capitalizing on the allure of 24GB.

iPhone 15 Pro: Navigating the Onset of Concerns

iPhone 15 Pros debut with groundbreaking 3nm A17 Bionic chips, setting them apart as the sole smartphones to offer such technology. Apple’s partnership with TSMC grants exclusive access for the first year.These models boast the fastest and most efficient chips. In response, some Androids might consider tripling or quadrupling RAM to compete. iPhone 15’s memory varies between 6GB and 8GB.

As we await store arrivals, the true comparison test is between iPhone 15 Pros and Androids wielding 24GB RAM.