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Top Laptops of CES 2023 In Stock

Dive into the future of computing with a closer look at the top laptops showcased at CES 2023.

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Lenevo Yoga Book 9i

Foldable laptops are nothing new to the Tech world as various brands have already released varieties of foldable laptops; from Asus Duo laptops to Lenovo’s tried foldable Think Pads. But the Yoga Book 9i, a 13-inch OLED laptop with a screen on the top and a screen on the bottom, even though the foldable laptop concept isn’t new, what’s impressive is the rigorous system of gesture controls that Lenovo has installed to make this thing usable. It has various combinations of taps and swipes, you can pop windows to one screen or the other, expand them to fill them both, conjure a haptic keyboard and touchpad, snap to various layouts, and much more. It was so easy to use and so fun to use that you can get the hang of it in a short period.

Razor Blade 16

All models of Razor Blade offer a similar package, while sizes vary, Blades have a special look and feel — they’re thin, sleek, professional, and polished, with vibrant green logos and classy RGB keyboards. The upcoming Blade 16 has elevated the level of display to another level from its predecessors. This device is featured a Mini LED. The interesting part about this laptop is the dual-mode screen feature, which can auto-toggle the screen between 1920 x 1200 / 240Hz and 4K / 120Hz profiles.

LG Gram Style

LG Gram series of laptops are best for their thin and light characteristics. LG Electronics introduced its new lineup of LG Gram, which consists of the new Gram Ultraslim, LG Gram Style, and also a few big 17-inch and 16-inch notebooks. This might be one of the prettiest laptops being released this year till now. It’s covered in a dazzling finish that changes color under different light. The trackpad is hidden but illuminated by some backlit LEDs when pressed. The screen is a 2880 x 1800 OLED panel, and it looks marvelous. And of course, the chassis is mind-blogging thin and light

Asus ProArt StudioBook 16 3D OLED

Some companies are once again trying to make glasses-free 3D a thing. Asus revealed its ProArt Studio book 16 3D this month. This is a sturdy, powerful workstation that focuses on content creation, and its display can, using eye tracking and a lenticular lens, produce a 3D image without requiring glasses.

Lenevo ThinkBook Twist

It’s a thick book with a screen that can rotate around 360 degrees. The front is a normal 13.3-inch 60Hz OLED and the back is a 12-inch E Ink 12Hz touchscreen. The idea of this laptop is that you could use it for reading and writing and save a ton of battery life while using the OLED side for the rest of your workday.

Alienware M18

Just looking at this thing you can know that it’s huge. It’s an 18-inch big gaming laptop. It’s an inch thick and inside, it contains Intel’s monstrous 13th Gen HX CPUs, with a whopping 250 watts of total system power and you get an RGB Cherry MX mechanical keyboard. In the end, it’s a gigantic laptop and an exciting laptop for gamers.

HP Dragonfly Chromebook

HP introduced its new Dragonfly Chromebook series of laptops which were co-engineered with AMD using the brand’s adaptive platform management technology to maximize real-world productivity. The HP Dragonfly Chromebook laptops will feature 14-inch LCDs. The Chromebook gets a higher resolution of 2560 x 1600 with a peak brightness of 1200 nits. It is powered by Intel’s 12th Generation Core i5 processor and has an 8MP webcam.