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Explore the dynamic world of livestream commerce and learn how to set your own business trend.

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The Benefit of Livestream Shopping

Apart from profit, there are several reasons for brands to switch to livestream commerce as part of their strategy. For starters, video shopping can help brands to strengthen their relationships with their audience and secondly the interactivity of livestream shopping allows viewers to engage with a brand by leaving comments or asking questions in real-time.

3 Types of Livestream Shopping Platforms

Social media platforms with shopping Features: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are the most used social media platforms when it comes to livestream shopping. For brands just starting with video shopping, leveraging social platforms where they have a presence and their audience already lives makes sense.

Dedicated commerce platforms and apps: E-commerce sites like Amazon are also adding the livestream shopping game, adding an interactive and personal aspect to their existing platform. Consumers already surf e-commerce sites for their shopping needs; a livestream component can further drive sales by helping shoppers make smarter decisions.

Self-hosted shopping platforms: Retailers that want their unique platform in which they the complete control over all aspects of the shopping experience can build their streaming platform. For a starter, building a shopping platform of your own enables your brand to customize every part of the experience and ensures buyers aren’t distracted by other featured content. On the second hand, brands also need to find a way to attract customers to a brand-new, self-hosted platform.