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Redmi Bud 4 Pro Review In Stock

Xiaomi’s Redmi Bud 4 pro has a full package with a multipoint connection.

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The Redmi Buds 4 Pro has a standard stem shell design with angled nozzles for better comfort. They’re available in two options that are white or black. The earbuds are lightweight and it has a smooth matte finish. It is very comfortable to wear and even your ear won’t feel stuffy even after wearing it for hours. One of the best parts of this bud is multipoint connectivity, it allows you to connect the earbuds to 2 different devices. But the amazing thing is in-ear sensors. The earbuds can detect when you take one out of your ears and it will automatically stop playing but you can still use one earbud at a time as playback will resume when you put one of the buds back in the charging case.

The charging case is a bit small compared to the average TWS case. It has the same matte finish as the earbuds and some small Redmi branding near the lid hinge. On the bottom section of the case, there is a USB-C port for charging and a pairing reset button. Due to its rounded edges and small size, the case fits into any pocket with ease.

Performance and battery life

The ANC on the Redmi Buds 4 Pro is pretty good you can get 3 different ANC modes: standard, transparency mode, and voice enhancement mode. The buds cancel out the outside noise well but as always it works best with things like air conditioners and engine noise. The transparency modes work well too, letting you hear your surroundings clearly and it sounds very natural. The Redmi Buds 4 Pro is great while calling, the microphone quality is clear and there’s not too much compression in the sound. The mics do a pretty good job of canceling the outside noise thanks to ANC so even in busier surroundings you shouldn’t have any trouble making calls

The case recharges the earbuds four times before the case needs to be charged through USB-C, and each charge gives the earbuds around 6,5 hours with ANC on.

Controls and sound quality

The controls in Redmi Bud 4 Pro are a little disappointing. Double-tap either bud to play/pause music, triple-tap to skip to the next song, and hold to switch between ANC and Transparency mode (ANC off is not included). While the touch panel responses are fast enough to be good, sometimes switching ANC functions doesn’t work.

The Redmi Buds 4 Pro has a warm, balanced sound which gives a better sound quality. You can get plenty of bass presence but it’s not over the top nor does it cause any muddiness. Although the bass is mildly elevated, it’s not boomy or dominant. The mids have good clarity and the instruments have good spacing.

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Noise Control

Active Noise Cancelling

Battery Life

36 Hours