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Discover the cutting-edge innovation with our ZenBook 17 Fold review

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The Zenbook 17 Fold has a peculiar design. One of the attractive points is that 17.3 17.3in display that can fold in half horizontally, this creates two 12.5in panels either you could use both of the panels or you can attach keyboard to the bottom panel. Zenbook 17 Fold can be used in up to six different modes and the most used mode is the tablet one as with 17.3in, it’s one of the largest slates you can buy so it is much better for multi tasking.Thick plastic bezels elongated around the perimeter of the screen, although they’re needed to ensure the hinge are as durable as possible. It allows plenty of space for a 5Mp webcam, with its dual mics and detailed 1080p footage makes it is a great video calling experience. The device supports Windows Hello face unlock and it doesn’t have fingerprint sensor, so your other alternative is to manually entering a PIN or password. You get a 3.5mm headphone jack and two Thunderbolt 4-enabled USB-C ports, although Asus does include a USB-C to USB-A adapter in the box.

Screen & Speakers

The most spectacular thing about Zenbook 17 fold is its screen when unfolded; it’s a 17.3in, 2590×1920 OLED touchscreen – that’s one of the highest quality panels you’ll get on any tablet or laptop. It gives vibrant, rich colours and an incredible amount of detail, the panel quality is so good that you can pick out specific elements of a photo or video that isn’t noticeable on most laptop screens. Asus says that the Zenbook 17 Fold can reach up to 500 nits of brightness. When folded it creates a 12.5in, 1920×1280 laptop display.Audio is a big reason why this device is so good for video and audio content. It comes with quad stereo speakers, which you can find at the bottom on the both sides of the device. This becomes the top and bottom when used in laptop mode. Surprisingly the sound quality is excellent thanks to Harmon Kardon and feature Dolby Atmos support. It gives music a nice quality and you can feel it very clearly.

Keyboard and Battery

Zenbook 17 Fold comes with a Asus keyboard, you can connects it via Bluetooth, so almost any wireless keyboard is compatible with the Zenbook 17 Fold. But the ability to attach flawlessly to the bottom half of the folded display can only be done with provided keyboard. Keyboard has fingerprint sensor so there you can have a plus point for the keyboard.Zenbook 17 Fold to have a large battery capacity due to its large screen. Asus has paired it with a decent 75Wh cell that can deliver 9-10 hours of typical usage. Asus has provided a 65W fast charger that can be used with either of the USB-C ports.


It’s powered by a CPU from Intel’s 12th-gen range specifically; the Core i7-1250U. This chip is from the U-Series, which is specially designed for thin and light laptops. Other than that it has Iris Xe integrated 16GB of DDR5 RAM and for everyday usage the performance is quite impressive. Asus has been generous with internal storage – the device features a 1TB SSD under the hood.

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