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Toyota Electric Vehicle

Toyota recently announced plans for new electric vehicle battery technology that may provide up to 900 miles of driving range, which many are hailing as a game changer.The business made a huge announcement concerning new solid-state EV battery technology at a recent briefing. According to the company, which claims to have simplified the production of the material used to make solid-state batteries, it hopes to release a model by 2025 that will increase cruising range by 20%.According to Toyota, a higher-performance version is still in the works, but it has the potential to provide 50% longer cruising range – over 900 miles. That would transport you from New York to Chicago and back, with a charge time of only 10 minutes.


Solid-state batteries (as opposed to lithium-ion batteries, which employ a liquid electrolyte) are seen as a potential game changer for electric vehicles. They have the ability to shorten charging times, enhance capacity, and lower the risk of fire.In addition, in 2026 and 2027, the corporation will sell two next-generation battery kinds referred to as ‘performance’ and ‘popularised’. The performance model will employ the same battery chemistry as the bZ4X SUV but will have a 20% longer driving range. It will also be 20% less expensive. The popularised version will have the same benefits in driving range as the original, but at a 40% lower cost.















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