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Chatsonic AI Chatbot

Writesonic’s ChatSonic is a ChatGPT-like AI chatbot tool that can be applied to create different kinds of text-based content, including social media captions, full-length blog posts, press releases, advertisement copy and a lot more. As per to the company, Writesonic is mainly used for creating search-engine-optimized content for their blogs.


First you need to install the extension from the Google Chrome store. Once you installed the extension, you need to sign in to Writesonic. You can use a Gmail ID for this. After you log in, you are automatically given a free trial where you can seemingly use the chatbot to generate up to 2,500 words.


Once you have the extension up and running, go to the site where you want to create content. Let’s just take you are on Twitter, click on the text box. Below it, you will see a small Chatsonic logo. After you click on the logo, a small dialogue box will open. In the case of Twitter, the Chatsonic extension already knew that we were about to tweet based on the fact that we were on Twitter. In the dialog box, select the prompt you would like to create the tweet based on. Once you do this, the chatbot extension will take a small amount of time before generating the text.













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