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Introduced by India’s foremost audio and wearables brand, boAt (Imagine Marketing Ltd.), the latest TWS earbuds, the Airdopes 91, have been unveiled. The primary focus of the new TWS earbud is the claimed 45 hours of battery life. Additionally, the Airdopes 91 is positioned at an accessible price point, and a commitment is made to deliver sound output that is clear and crisp.

Emphasized as a notable attribute, the claimed 45 hours of battery life is a defining feature of the Airdopes 91. Positioned as a key advantage, the earbuds are designed to provide users with nearly two weeks of uninterrupted music playback, eliminating the necessity for frequent recharges.

Fitted with 10mm drivers, the Airdopes 91 deliver a sound profile that is surprisingly pleasant for the given price range. The presence of bass is notable without being overwhelming, mids are distinct, and highs are satisfactory. The “boAt Signature Sound,” true to its name, lives up to expectations by providing a balanced and enjoyable listening experience across various genres. While audiophiles might express reservations, the sound quality is commendable for most users.

For gaming enthusiasts, the Airdopes 91 introduce a low-latency mode aptly named “BEAST,” minimizing audio delay. While not flawless, it represents a significant enhancement over standard Bluetooth connectivity, making the earbuds a viable option for casual mobile gaming, although not reaching esports-level performance.

Fitted with dual microphones and noise-canceling technology, the Airdopes 91 pleasantly surprised us with their call quality. Even in moderately noisy environments, the user’s voice was transmitted crisply and clearly. This feature positions the earbuds as a reliable choice for taking calls on the go, adding to their versatility and usability in various scenarios.

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