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Fezibo Electric Standing Desk In Stock

Explore the perfect synergy of comfort and productivity with the Fezibo Electric Standing Desk.

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The Fezibo Electric Standing Desk is simple and elegant. It is of perfect size not too small or too big. There is a small control panel situated in the front right corner of the desk. The control panel has up and down buttons, as well as three pre-set options. These buttons allow you to set the height of the desk, and it’ll automatically rise to the correct height. This was the highlighted feature of this desk.

The Fezibo desk can be lowered to 27.5 inches (70 cm), and raised to 46.9 inches (119cm). It supports up to 176 pounds, which is sufficient to keep all the working stuff. The Fezibo desk also has a hook at either end of the desk for hanging cables, headphones, or even a bag. There’s even anti-collision technology, which means the desk will stop moving if it hits anything else. The standard desktop comes in nine different colorways and six different sizes. The frame also comes in two colors — black and white

Assembling of Desk

The Fezibo Electric Standing Desk was very easy to assemble, and you can manage to put the desk together on your own, without any assistance. The desk comes in two separate boxes — one containing the desktop, the other the legs and it is preferred to assemble it once is moved to the place it is needed to be situated as after assembling it is quite heavy.


As mentioned the desk is of the perfect size it is a 40 by 24-inch desktop and big enough for a laptop stand, lamp, keyboard, and mouse, and would easily fit a separate monitor as well. The desk rises and lowers smoothly, without making too much noise which is a highlighting point for people who are working from home.


The Fezibo Electric Standing Desk is customizable, and the price varies according to the desktop and frame configuration you choose. The lowest configuration is a spliced-board 40 by 24-inch desktop, and the 2-stage frame costs $169/£179.


The Fezibo Electric Standing Desk looks great and elegant. It is easy to put together and feels sturdy to work on, whether sitting or standing. It’s also one of the more affordable electric standing desks on the market.

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