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SONY ECM-S1 In Stock

Immerse yourself in premium sound quality and portability with the SONY ECM-S1 .



Sony unveiled its latest wireless/streaming microphone, the ECM-S1, in India, combining premium sound quality with a portable design. Priced at Rs 34,990, the ECM-S1 is now accessible for purchase through various channels, including Sony Center, Alpha Flagship stores, authorized dealers, Amazon, Flipkart, and major electronic stores nationwide. Geared towards professional videographers and content creators seeking top-notch audio quality for shoots, livestreams, and podcasts, the ECM-S1 microphone stands as the ultimate tool in the field.

The microphone is equipped with three 14 mm large-diameter capsules meticulously tuned to capture human voices naturally, delivering high-quality sound. It incorporates a noise-cut filter that efficiently eliminates harsh noise through digital signal processing. Additionally, a low-cut filter reduces unnecessary low-frequency noise, such as wind, air conditioning, and vibrations, minimizing the impact of the surrounding environment, as stated by the company.

With a weight of approximately 157 grams, the microphone boasts a continuous usage time of up to 13 hours on a fully charged battery, utilizing a USB Type-C cable. Furthermore, when connected via USB to a PC or smartphone for recording, users can connect headphones to the microphone’s headphone jack to monitor audio independently from the connected device, according to the company.


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