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Yeedi Mop Station Pro In Stock

Yeedi Mop Station Pro is the smart choice for a cleaner and more efficient home.

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Design and Hardware

The Yeedi Mop Station Pro has a sleek and smooth design. It’s white, a little bit different than the black robot vacuums on the market, and is perfectly round. The robot has a simple button and a mapping camera flush at the top that will scan the room using SLAM (Simultaneous Location and Mapping). This creates a map of its surroundings that it uses to navigate around obstacles in its way. Before using the robot the power button should be switched on, and at the bottom side of the Yeedi

Coming to the mopping station contains two separate 3.5-liter tanks: one for clean and one for dirty water. While it is in mopping mode, the dustbin used is smaller than when the robot is in sweeping mode only, and for cleaning the onboard sweeping roller there is a tool attached to the top of the dustbin. Using the robot vacuum is quite simple just plug in the main mopping station unit to a power supply and make sure that the robot is fully charged before using it.

It uses ultrasonic signals to detect whether the surface is carpet or sweeping hard flooring. In mopping mode and when the rotating pads are installed, if it detects a carpet it will steer away from the carpet to continue mopping elsewhere. In sweeping mode, the vacuum will increase suction power when it detects the carpet for deeper cleaning.

Software and Features

The Yeedi app is the most important part while using this robot vacuum and mopping combo. The app easily lets you add the Yeedi Mop Station Pro, and you can add as many Yeedi devices to the app as you want and manage them all from one interface. The Yeedi app is available from the app store, or you can scan the QR code in the quick start guide from the box.

The Yeedi Map Station Pro takes a complete full cleaning cycle before a map will be created in the app. These maps are usable and functional as these maps show a reasonable representation of your space, and you can see where your furniture is in each room. The app also has the ability for you to set schedules to clean the entire space automatically or specify a named area to clean. When the robot needs to recharge its battery, it will make its way back to the charging station. You can also use Alexa, Google Home Assistant, or Yeed Yandex Alice to run the robot if you like using your voice.


The Yeedi Mop Station Pro has an excellent mopping function and it cleans the floor far more thoroughly than simply wiping the floor over with a wet mopping pad. The Yeedi Mop Station Pro has an auto-boost function that gets activated while crossing carpets which gave it a great clean as well. It’s an overall effective cleaner with a decent-sized 5,200 mAh battery, which provides us a long cleaning time of about an hour at medium suction power. The only negative part is that you have to use the brush to get into the nooks and crannies. Although this is better as it stops any water from leaking onto the floor.


All in all, the Yeedi Mop Station scrubbing mop is a good product as it effectively cleans heavily trafficked areas in the home and you can also schedule the cleaning time for your later use so you don’t have to be always attentive for your next cleaning sessions.